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Hi!  I’m Judy Shell the founder of Body Bliss. People often ask me why I started my own organic and natural skin care business. The simple answer is, “I care what my family puts on their bodies.  What we put ON our bodies is as important as what we put IN our bodies because that's where everything ends up.”  The more I learn about skin care, the more passionate I become about making natural products that people can trust.

I’ve had the opportunity to spend time in Europe and I got spoiled by the many lovely soaps & skin care products available there. When I no longer had easy access to those products (with the exception of the wonderful - but uber-expensive - products available state-side), I decided I would get educated about natural skin care and attempt to make my own. I joined an international natural skin care consortium and, as my interest grew, earned a certificate in Aromatherapy.  These experiences gave me solid foundational knowledge and provided access to the resources I needed to begin making natural skin care products for myself and my family - it all grew from there. 

As I shared my products with extended family members and friends, a comment I often heard was, "I'd like to buy more natural products for myself and my family, but I can't afford it."  My philosophy is, we shouldn't have to choose between healthy and affordable!  The Body Bliss products I make and sell is my contribution to making that philosophy a reality. More and more people are changing to natural products and I am proud to be a part of that change.  Judy is blissfully married to a wonderful man with whom she shares a home in Ramsey, MN surrounded by hand-planted and hand-tended acres of native prairie.  

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